This high vibrating white stone is a powerful and protective one and it’s name comes from the Greek moon goddess Selene. I use my selenite wands during my Reiki sessions as another tool to help clear blockages and add … Read More


  This stone is a beautiful golden sunshiney variety of quartz and holds some serious motivational power. This emotionally balancing stone can help activate creativity and encourages you to self express. It is great to help you deal with a … Read More


  This beautiful blue stone has a wonderful soothing energy and offers protection when you are feeling vulnerable. This stone, as per it’s name, can offer great assistance in getting in touch with your guides and the angelic realm. It … Read More

Clear Quartz

  This was the first crystal I ever purchased years ago and still one of my absolute favourites.  Clear quartz is often referred to as the master healer due its cleansing properties and its ability to amplify the energy of … Read More