Rainbow Moonstone

  I picked up this gorgeous stone last week and it hasn’t left my side. I used it in an energy healing session today and it had such an intense power. Rainbow moonstone brings balance, harmony and hope while enhancing … Read More


  This beautiful sunshiny stone is great for sensitive souls who need a little extra protection from the toxicities of the world. This stone has the ability to help you overcome difficulties and can shine light into tricky situations. Keep … Read More


  Stichtite and is strongly associated with love and forgiveness. It is thought to assist in healing unresolved emotional issues through its vibration of loving and compassionate energy. This heart centered stone has protective properties and wearing it on your … Read More

Snowflake Obsidian

  This balancing stone helps keep positivity flowing throughout your body. It is also a great stone to assist people who bottle their emotions in dealing with them and getting them to the surface. This healing stone can act like … Read More

Rose Quartz

  This is a powerful stone full of love love love💜🧡💛💚💙 During my first reiki session ever, the practitioner urged me to go get some after we were done….so I did. I slept with the piece I bought under my pillow … Read More


  This crystal is actually glass and is referred to as the stone of ambition and is great for assistance in attaining goals. It is very beautiful to look at and you can get lost in its shimmering galaxies. Spend … Read More


  This beautiful metallic black stone has wonderful grounding properties and is great when working with root chakra energy. It is a balancing stone and, coupled with intent, can help a relationship harmonious. It is great to assist with clearing … Read More


  Amethyst is a total powerhouse of a stone and is as beautiful as it is powerful. It is a cleansing stone and can help absorb negative energy and acts as a barrier against lower energies and unhealthy environments.  Amethyst … Read More


  This weeks crystal is Chrysocolla. This beautiful turquoise coloured stone has a gentle and harmonious power and can help to heal a broken heart. This is a throat chakra stone so is a stone of communication and helps allow … Read More


  This high vibrating white stone is a powerful and protective one and it’s name comes from the Greek moon goddess Selene. I use my selenite wands during my Reiki sessions as another tool to help clear blockages and add … Read More